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Are you thinking to starting a business in Valencia?

No problem, we can help you. Our fees for Freelance and Business:

We are Advisor for Businnes and freelancers in Valencia. Our fees:


150€/month + VAT (up to 1 worker)
10€/month + VAT (for additional worker)

Consulting firms in Valencia
Tax Consultant
Labor Consultant
Accounting Consultant
Commercial Consultant


30€/month + VAT (objective evaluation)
40€/month + VAT (Simplified Direct Estimate)
50€/month + VAT (Direct Estimation Normal)

Consulting firms in Valencia
Tax Consultant
Labor Consultant
Accounting Consultant
Commercial Consultant





adviser valencia
Antelo consultant

Do you dare to take on the challenge of starting a new project?, we go together. We don’t know the needs that will have your company. So we offer it easier and cheaper to start, but without giving up a comprehensive service that meets the daily needs of the company in counseling, the closest thing to a "Menu of Day".

Advice for Entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in Valencia Surroundings

new business in valencia
new business in valencia

- Questions we might encounter when creating a STARTUP:

  • What legal form choose?
  • Limited Liability Company, joint ownership or freelance?
  • Modules or Direct Estimation?
  • Can I pay less to discharge me autonomous?
  • Do I have less than 30 years, there is a tax incentive?
  • I'm unemployed, any help creating a business?
  • We will be several partners, how we managed between us?
  • I went to the Treasury and Social Security, but I have nothing left clear, I lose paper meantime, what do I do?
  • I'm starting and I have a very small business with limited resources, Can I afford to pay a tax, labor and accounting consultancy?


  • These are just some of questions that all those who started from scratch, we make when starting a business..

  • freelancer valencia
    freelancer valencia

    New times, new objectives, new goals.

    An entrepreneur is a freelance who must rely on professionals to help you from the beginning to solve problems and as company evolves, its advisors should be able to continue contributing new ideas tailored to your needs..

    That's what we spend, is the customer who is and is the size you have your company, HELP the businessman in his day..

    "Getting a new business ahead is not an easy task, we must have determination, clear ideas and be prepared for contingencies."

    - We have a company specializing in start-up companies from a comprehensive approach area: employment business, legal and tax problems.

    - On a tight budget and fixed price, we help you launch your business.

    - For a monthly fee, we help make your business run effectively.

     What we offer in Antelo-Mencheta Consultants?

    • Every business works through people, ours too. Antelo-Mencheta Advice Consultants not have one at your disposal, you will have people at your disposa, professionals in each area that you devote the time and attention you deserve..
    • With us, you will optimize labor tax-deductions will reduce tax payments and avoid penalties..
    • You have updated the result of your company, costs, payroll data etc.
    • You can estimate your taxes for plan payment and decide on different options.
    • Comply with all tax, labor, commercial, accounting and registration obligations.
    • Resolution doubts and queries.

    Antelo advicer
    Antelo Mencheta Advisors

     What we ask in Antelo-Mencheta Consultants ?

    • Trust, have to rely on our good work and experience, but Don't worry, we'll show you can do it..
    • You pay us It will not be long, you can pay according to your needs and budget, but get used to the idea that you'll have to do it every month.

    Please note that professional fees are expensive or cheap depending on the service provided you solve problems. Pay 50 € / month and you do nothing is expensive. However, paying 500 €, you save 10,000 € a year in taxes and also you avoid penalties, it is cheap.

    We have the collaboration of qualified continuous training in adapting to changes and developments with extensive experience professionals.

    Our professionals team:

    • Ana Fosati - Social graduate.Consultants Valencia
    • Cristina Sañudo - Lawyer.
    • Alicia Sañudo - Agronomist Eng Economics and Accounting Accredited Expert, Expert on Taxation and Audit.
    • Miguel Tomás - Qualified in Business.
    • Javier Antelo - Qualified Commercial and Auditor.
    • Guillermo Antelo - Agronomist Eng Economics and a Masters in accounting and auditing.
    • Gonzalo Antelo - Degree in Business Management and Marketing.
    • Javier Antelo Mencheta - Lawyer.
    • Fina Balaguer - Administración y Contabilidad.
    • Maria José - Labor Administration.


  • Ask us more information:

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