Our team

Javier Antelo Mencheta

- Founder Member - Gestoría Antelo Mencheta Consultores.

Qualified Business Expert
and Auditor of Accounts.

Gonzalo Antelo

Management and communication

Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing.
Masters in Labour Law, Accounting and Tax Consultancy

Guillermo Antelo


Agricultural Engineer
Economics and Masters in accounting
and auditing of accounts.

Javier Antelo


Administration Manager

Alicia Sañudo

Tax and Accounting

Agricultural Engineer Economist and Accredited Accountancy expert; Expert in Taxation and Auditing of Accounts.

Miguel Tomás

Tax and Accounting

Graduate in Business Administration

Ana Fosati

Labour Lawyer

Specialist Employee Relations

Maria José

Labour Lawyer

Personnel Administration.

Fina Balaguer

Tax and Accounting

Administration and Accounting

Jaime Fernandez

Marketing and Communication

Degree in Information Technology, Commercial Administration and Marketing. Masters in Communication and Digital Marketing.