Tax-Personnel-Accounting-Advisory Rates in Valencia


 The Advantages of a Good Advisor

Ensuring good service from your advisor depends on:
1st The knowledge and experience of the advisor and how he applies it to his clients’ affairs.

2nd You: as you choose your advisor. Moreover, the services your advisor provides are only as valuable as you decide:

- If you consider that an advisor gives you little or nothing, and that you only need to keep up to date and comply with the presentation of VAT, taxes, payroll, withholdings, then you will not attach much value to the work of your advisor and you will want to pay the lowest possible price for his services.

- If you think that the added value of good expert advice can bring you benefits, savings, and competitive advantages, would you be willing to pay a little more?

Is an Advisor Expensive or Cheap?

The advice is expensive or cheap, depending on the service provided and how satisfied you are with it. Each company is different and has different needs. How expensive or cheap is what you are paying now?

1. If you are unhappy, the advice is expensive.
2. If you are happy, 2 things can happen:
2.1. You really have found the holy grail, since it is an efficient service that fits your needs.
2.2 That you are deceiving both yourself and your organisation by saying that you agree with the current advisors, simply because you think that they are cheap and because up until now you have not had an inspection or a serious fine.

If you want to continue thinking that, go ahead. It is your company, and we are only here to help those who need us. If you do not need us, there is not much we can do for you.

It is as if you chose your doctor because he is the cheapest. As you have not had a severe illness so far, then he must be the best doctor in the world. Of course, it does not work like that, does it? Well, it doesn’t with advisory services, either.

The price of the advisory service depends on the work required by your company. Do not be deceived - we want to earn money from you. What's more, we have to, if you want us to apply the time and dedication that your company deserves. If you pay 30€/month, how much time do you think is spent on you? Think a little about the work of an economist, an Business Studies graduate, a lawyer, a business expert, a graduate in personnel administration, or simply a good administrator. For 30€, at the most, they will dedicate 2 hours per month, and it will more likely be about 30 minutes or less; Can a business get good tax, personnel, accounting and commercial advice in 6 hours a year?