Personnel Advice in Valencia

We help you with payroll administration, so that you will not have to worry about staff contracts, payroll, settlements and worker cost studies.

 What sets us apart from other Personnel Consultants?

We work towards a reduction of the Social Costs of your Company, while watching out for your business.

Because ultimately, your interests are the same as ours.

We are a Labour Law Firm specialised in:

- Outsourcing of Personnel administration for SMEs: helping small and medium companies to reduce costs and personnel. At all times, our service adapts to the needs of your company, which is very helpful in small companies or for those businesses that have fluctuating staff requirements.

- Advice and external control of personnel administration in those companies that have their own staff and the means for the preparation of payrolls, contracts, registrations, withdrawals, etc. Having an independent labour expert is a very useful tool for company managers, that can prevent failures, and in the long term, represents a significant saving.

Personnel Administration advice is a complex discipline that needs to be constantly updated, and in which mistakes can easily be made that seriously affect the company (badly applied agreements, failures in contracts, etc.). Therefore, it is essential for the employer to use a competent and expert professional advisor in Personnel Administration.

Why hire us as your Personnel Consultancy?

• WE ARE THE COMPLETE SOLUTION TO YOUR NEEDS: in exchange for one monthly payment per worker.

• UP-TO-DATE, INTEGRATED INFORMATION ALWAYS AVAILABLE: The data you need about your employees, constantly updated with regulatory changes and staff contracts. You will always have a personnel advisor at your disposal.

• MADE TO MEASURE: Not everyone is the same, not all companies are the same, not all personnel advisors are the same. We adapt to your needs.

• SPECIALIST PERSONNEL CONSULTANCY TEAM: Test our professionals and see how they meet your expectations. We understand your business, and we provide you with effective administration of your work force.

Now you can outsource your payroll, contracts and settlements with full guarantees of success.


Services of our Labour Law department for Advising businesses:

• We advise on the contract that best suits the company, adding those special pacts and clauses that are most favourable to the employer.

Information about those key points in the workplace relationship with the worker: working conditions, causes of mobility, modifications, types of deficiencies, and penalties.

• Assistance with inspections by local authorities.

• Payroll: calculations, extraordinary payments, special payroll with arrears, bonuses for targets, ...

• Settlements: preparation of the settlement, receipt of wages received, receipt of balance and settlement, and unemployment certificate for the worker.

• Assistance before the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Section (SMAC), as well as before competent courts for work-related matters.

Employment Regulation Files (ERE).

• Study and definition of employment framework of partners, administrators and family members.

• Social Security: Processing through the On-line System of the Department of Social Security, and direct debit of payments due.

• Preparation and processing of engagement and dismissal of employees, temporary disability and data changes, through the On-line System.

• Preparation of employment contracts, modifications and extensions, as well as their presentation before the National Employment Institute (INEM).

• Management of reports of work accidents and illness through the DELTA System.

• Monitoring of workers' service records and application of changes on expiration dates (three years, ...).

• Application of collective agreements.

• Supervision of employment contract expirations, with notice to the company.

• Listings of monthly costs and salaries.

• Preparation of Modelo 111 on withholdings and income tax retention (IRPF); inclusion of professionals and presentation to the Tax Authorities. Preparation and transmission of quarterly IRPF reports to the Treasury.

Confección y transmisión trimestral de la carta de pago a Hacienda por los conceptos IRPF.

• Modelo 190:Annual summary of withholdings and payments on account.

• Requests for income certificates.

• Writing dismissal letters.

• Assistance, processing and negotiation of penalties.

• Management of instalment deferments

• Modelo 145:With holdings against wages; communication of the worker's tax situation.

• Specialists in the special regime for actors and performers.

• Personnel Audit. Checking the degree of compliance of your business in labour matters and Social Security obligations.

• Arbitration and extra judicial resolution of company-worker conflicts.

In short, we offer you complete, seamless,Labour Advice, thus optimising the needs of the employer, and defending their interests.