Rates for Advice for New Businesses

Thinking of starting a new business?
No problem, we can help you.
We are Advisors for Entrepreneurs in Valencia. The Rates for advising New Businesses are:


€ 165 / month + VAT
€ 10.50 / month + VAT (for each employee)

Tax Advice
Personnel Advice
Accounting Advice
Business Advice


€35/month + VAT (Objective Estimation)
€ 45/month + VAT (Simplified Direct Estimation)
€55/month + VAT (Normal Direct Estimation)

Tax Advice
Personnel Advice
Accounting Advice
Business Advice
Do you dare to take on the challenge of starting a new project? Let's do it together. We do not know what needs your company will have. So we propose the simplest and most economical rates to start with, but without giving up an integral service that covers the daily needs of your company in terms of advice - the closest thing to a "Menu of the Day"

Advice for Entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Valencian region.

Questions that can arise when starting a New Business:

• Which legal structure to choose?
• Limited Company, Legal Partnership or Sole-trader?
• Modules or Direct Estimation?
• Will I pay less if I register as a Sole-trader?
• I am under 30 years old, are there any tax incentives available to me?
• I'm unemployed, can I get help to create a business?
• We are going to be several partners. How do we arrange things between us?
• I have been to the Tax Agency and to the Social Security office, but things are still not clear. I get lost with so much paperwork. What should I do?
• I'm starting out, and I have a very small business with few resources. Can I afford to pay for tax, personnel and accounting advice?
• These are just some of the questions that all of those who started from scratch asked themselves when they first created a business

New Start. New objectives. New goals.

A businessman is an entrepreneur who must rely on professionals who help him to solve problems, right from the beginning. As the company evolves, its advisors should be able to continue contributing new ideas tailored to his needs. That's what we do - whatever the type of customer and whatever the size of the business. WE HELP the businessman in his day to day activities.
"Moving a new business forward is not an easy task. You have to have determination, clear ideas and be prepared for contingencies."

We have a department that specialises in newly created companies, with a holistic approach: business, legal, tax and personnel.
On a tight budget and for a fixed price, we help you to start your business.
For a monthly fee, we help you to make your business work efficiently.


What do we offer at Antelo-Mencheta Consultants?

• Every business works thanks to its people - ours too. At Antelo-Mencheta Consultores you will not just have an advisory service, you will have real people at your disposal: professionals in each area who will dedicate to you the time and attention you deserve.

• With us, you will optimize tax and staff deductions; you will reduce your tax liabilities and you will avoid fines.

• You will have updated data on your company’s results, costs, payroll, etc.

• You can estimate your taxes to plan your payments and decide on different options.

• Comply with all tax , staff, business, accountancy and registration obligations.

• Resolution of doubts and queries.

What do we ask of you at Antelo-Mencheta Consultants?

• Trust. You have to trust our work and experience. But do not worry, we will prove to you that you can.

• That you pay us. It will not be much, and you can pay according to your needs and budget. But get used to the idea that you will have to pay every month.

Keep in mind that professional fees can feel expensive or cheap, depending on whether the service provided solves your problems. Paying €50 a month with no results is expensive. However, paying €500, and saving €10,000 a year in taxes and fines, is cheap.

We offer the support of qualified professionals with extensive experience and who keep up-to-date in order to adapt to changes and new regulations.