Do you need to change your Tax Advisor?

You have a business but you are not satisfied with your Tax Advisor.

No problem, we can help you.

We are Antelo-Mencheta Consultants, your Tax Advisors in Valencia. We can also advise you in Accountancy, Personnel Administration, and Business in Valencia. We advise SMEs, entrepreneurs and companies in any business sector. Also, to thank you for the trust placed in our team, we offer you the following terms:


If you are thinking of changing your advisor we can show you how working with us can reduce your current fees by 10%.
When a new customer knocks on our door, we do not know how long it will take us to attend to his needs, and often the customer does not know, either. That's why we propose the following if your business is already in operation:

If you have had a company for a while, then, you already know how things work. So tell us what you paid your former advisor - yes, even the one with whom you are unhappy or whom you believe was not doing the job properly - and we will beat their price by 10%.

You have just saved 10% on your tax-personnel-accounting advisory service.

We have a year to get to know each other; for you see how we work; and for us to adapt to your needs and assess the amount of time that you need from us. After a year, we sit down, talk, and discuss the year. We will tell you if we have to raise or lower our fees (yes, you heard correctly - lower - the fees. It may seem like a miracle but sometimes it can happen). You will tell us if you expected more or less from us, and where we can improve (we are not perfect).

And as we are not a telecommunications operator, there is no long-term commitment or permanence required. At any time, it does not need to be after 12 months, you can leave us, and move on.


• Each business is different, and behind each company there are individuals, so first and foremost, we offer personalised attention.

• Trust - We progress thanks to businesses like yours. So you can trust us with your daily administration, taxes, and payroll.

• Saving you money in taxes, deductions and penalties.

• With up-to-date information about your company results, costs, personnel, etc.

• Tax forecasting, so you can anticipate tax bills and decide on different options.

• Enjoy tax incentives that can be applied to your business.

• Confidence that you comply with all tax, labour, commercial, accounting and registry obligations.

• Fee Structure Adjusted to your needs. .

• Resolution of doubts and queries:

"Our greatest assets are our clients, so our objective is to care for and defend their interests."

With our help, you will have professional tax advice. All your questions about Tax matters will be resolved, and we will find the solutions that best suit your company and comply with Tax Agency requirements.
In Antelo-Mencheta, we have a Global Tax, Personnel and Accounting Service. You will benefit from tax subsidies and bonuses and you will have fewer staff conflicts. In short, we will provide solutions for your company.

Do I need to change my Tax Advisor?

A change of Tax, Personnel and Accounting Advisor can be traumatic, and we always have doubts about whether the change will be positive. We remember the saying "Better the Devil you know... ". The fact that they have all your papers, know your numbers, statements, etc. can cause many companies and Sole-traders to not change their Advisor even if they are getting poor attention, an incompetent service or are paying more taxes than they should.

And we have to ask ourselves a question about the fees we are paying:

Are they fair? Are they expensive?
Am I getting the attention my business needs?

There is an easy answer to all these questions: If the advisor does not give you the necessary attention, you are wasting money, and the fees you pay for tax, personnel and accounting advice are EXPENSIVE.

So who do you go to for good advice at a fair price?

We offer the support of qualified professionals with extensive experience and who keep up-to-date in order to adapt to changes and new regulations.
Meet our team of professionals:

Ana Fosati - Labour lawyer.
Marisa Sanchez - lawyer.
Alicia Sañudo - Agricultural Engineer and specialist in Economics; Accredited Accounting expert; Expert in Taxation and Auditing of Accounts.
Miguel Tomás - Graduate in Business Administration.
Javier Antelo - Business Administration and Auditor of Accounts.
Guillermo Antelo - Agricultural Engineer, specialised in Economics and Masters in accounting and auditing of accounts.
Gonzalo Antelo - Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing
Javier Antelo Mencheta - Lawyer.
Fina Balaguer - Administration and Accounting.
Maria José - Personnel Administration.
You only have to worry about what gives you the most value, and makes your company more profitable.

See the following example
Imagine two companies with the same characteristics, activity, turnover, number of employees, profit, etc.

Company A pays 10€ a month for tax, personnel and accounting advice, while company B pays 500€ a month for the same type of service; It is true, perhaps, that we have exaggerated the case somewhat, so let's say that A pays 120€ a month and we leave B at 500€. In any case, the difference is still considerable, with B paying 4,560€ a year more than A. In the service sector, these differences are common, and the client does not understand them.
Let's see now what Company A gets in exchange for their 120€ and what Company B gets for 500€. The manager of A, is very happy because he knows that the cost of the service is very low and that so far has not had an inspection by the Tax or Social Security authorities, in fact he has not even received a letter from them. What the Manager does not know is that:

They are not correctly applying the deductions for development expenses of a new product that they are going to bring to the market.

Due to poor accounting procedures, VAT has not been deducted for important machinery repairs.

Changes in the collective employment agreement have not been applied, which has meant Social Security surcharges against the workers’ contributions.

What’s more, as it is the advisor who receives the electronic notifications directly, company A does not know what penalties or surcharges have been imposed, only the charges deducted from the bank.

All these failures have incurred for Company A costs in taxes, penalties and surcharges that could have saved them € 8,300 during the financial year.

Meanwhile, Company B’s advisory team has kept up to date with the latest developments in tax-personnel-accounting and has tasked a multidisciplinary team with the job of getting the savings of 8,300 € that Company A has not enjoyed.

Final Balance:

Company A = (120€/month x 12) + 8,300€/year of badly-managed taxes and penalties = 9,470€/year

Company B = (500€/month x 12) + 0€/year of taxes and penalties = 6,000€/year

Company B, even after paying more than 4 times what A pays for advice, manages to save 3,470€/year thanks to proper management. That is the difference that good advice makes. Sometimes a Company only assesses the direct costs of services and fails to evaluate the indirect costs incurred by poor administrative advice.