Consulting Services

A Consultancy is a professional company that advises businesses (companies and Sole-traders) in specific areas. In our case, we can provide advice on other issues related to the management of the company that fall outside the main departments.

Most popular services of our Consultancy

Here are the four services most requested by our customers:

Custom reports for the company directors.

- Production and sales costs - this service serves to effectively provide company management with information about the costs of producing and selling an item, providing a service, or for example, determining if one branch incurs more expenses than another for the same production.

- Treasury Reports, analysing cash flow in relation to the forecast of payments to suppliers and receipts from customers, a forecast over time of the cash availability can be made.

- Financial risks: where we study possible contingencies in the yields of a given investment, or of a whole business, in order to prevent and/or minimize the possibility that the company becomes unable to meet its financial obligations (interest payments, amortization of debts)

 - Financial report - summarises in a practical, easily-understood way the Company’s economic and financial data.

Analysis of improvement in personnel costs - revision of contracts, agreements, number of employees, working day, supplements, subsistence allowance, etc. to discover if they can be improved.

These are some of the reports that we can prepare for our clients

Cost reduction

• Cost reduction: although we prefer to call it «Cost Management«, since the key to success is not to reduce, but to manage costs in such a way that we reduce only those that do not imply a reduction in the quality that the company offers its customers. The main points to develop in the task of cost management consulting are:

Determine if it is a structural or conjunctural issue.
Evaluate the effect of the reduction.
Eradicate inefficiencies.
Are all customers profitable?
Focus efforts on adding value.
Lead by example at all levels.
 Continuous improvement

• Business valuation.

Do you want to know how much your company is worth? Are you thinking of selling it? Find out the price of your business to negotiate with banks, customers, suppliers or potential buyers. The potential profit of a business is based on income (past, present and future), residual value and discount rates, and it is complicated to include all the factors, in addition to valuing complex assets. Therefore, in Antelo-Mencheta Consultores, we offer you our profound experience in business valuation and a range of analytical, yield or mixed valuation methods.

LOPD: Adaptation of the company to the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data.

• Processing of subsidies and subsidised loans
We have a department that will inform you about, and process, assistance and incentives for which your company or project can qualify.