Bankruptcy Administration

Does your company need restructuring?

We can help you with:
• Pre-insolvency agreement of creditors
• Insolvency proceedings.  


Get extra time to restructure and refloat the company

At Antelo Mencheta we will always be on your side and bet on the survival of your business before implementing a final liquidation through bankruptcy proceedings. You know your company better than anyone, and you know you can get ahead, but sometimes you do not know how to do it, and you need an outsider’s view and the multidisciplinary help we can offer. We make a «Plan of Attack» to save your firm, and put it into practice through a pre-insolvency agreement with creditors. With this, you can get a valuable extra term of up to 6 months before being forced to file for bankruptcy and protection against the claims of creditors. During this time, your company can react, negotiate refinancing with creditors, collect outstanding debts from clients and redirect a specific situation of lack of liquidity towards sustainable economic viability.

During this time or after the deadline, you have several options. Depending on the situation we will advise you:

Viability study of the company: this service is especially recommended, with which the actions, the execution schedule and the degree of compliance are determined.

Analysis of restructuring if necessary.

Planning the refinancing and reorganization of debt, determining if it should be converted from short to long term.

 Direct agreements with creditors to refloat the company and avoid its cessation. We attend the negotiations and manage debt settlement agreements for you.

Pacts with the workers: we conduct conversations with employees to achieve a result that meets the needs of the parties involved.

  If the company is not solvent and its viability is not possible, the best option is to liquidate it through Bankruptcy proceedings.

Insolvency/Bankruptcy proceedings

We have very reasonable fees according to the circumstances of the company, and we can provide services that will guide you throughout the process:

 Specialised Advice.

We analyse in depth any corporate activities that may result in liability of the administrators.

Elaboration of agreements with creditors.

Agreements with employees: we handle all the negotiations with the salaried personnel on your behalf.

Processing of the employment regulation file (ERE), seeking the most advantageous formula for the employer without undermining the rights of workers.

You can watch a video explaining the Insolvency proceedings in a simple way