Your Advisors for Accounting and Auditing

We help you with your accounting, so that you will not have to worry about invoices, receipts. We offer advice for Companies and Sole-traders.

We have been advising companies for more than 35 years. Your Accountancy Advisors in Valencia

Optimised Accounting

Accounting provides information about the composition of the net worth and value of a business, as well as the details that support it.
Many companies do not give up-to-date, error-free, clear and relevant accounting the attention it deserves.
Optimised accounting is 100% useful information, and is of great value for making economic and financial decisions.
This is where a good accountancy advisor can help you. We want accounting to improve our clients’ businesses.

The Accounting services we can provide you with are:

• Period close
• Tax period close
• Accounting records
• Cash flows
• Preparation and presentation of legal accounting books
• Journal entries
• Preparation and/or certification of financial statements
• Proof of income
• Certification of receipts
• Accounting information analysis
• Calculation of interest, fines and surcharges
• Company and Sole-trader accounts
• Declaration of business licenses

How to proceed?

The first thing is for your company to understand the Benefits of efficient accountancy.

Then, simply provide the appropriate resources. Hiring a professional service with experience in accounting is the main thing, and the employer has two options:

• Recruit staff whose job is to keep your accounting system up to date.
• Outsource the work by contracting an accounting administration team. In both cases, we can help you. Both cases have advantages and disadvantages.

By having your own staff, the information will be more up-to-date, complete and more immediately available. On the other hand, the costs are higher (personnel and software), and the team needs an external and independent service to supervise them and advise on unusual operations, regulatory changes, news, etc. Here we can collaborate and work together.

In the second case, by outsourcing it completely, the service becomes cheaper, it is only paid according to the consumption of services. The Company does not have to worry about updating software, changes in the general accounting plan, new directives, etc. However, it is also true that the company loses control over its accounting information. This is the perfect solution for small and medium businesses that do not have the necessary resources or simply want to reduce costs. At Antelo-Mencheta Consultants, we can provide you with cheap and effective accounting administration. Ask us for a quotation now.


Our professional services include carrying out different types of audits:

• Audit of annual accounts or of other financial statements. Analysis of the financial statements of the entity (company, foundation, cooperative, etc.), in order to verify that they are a faithful representation of the audited Company, reporting its economic, financial and net asset situation correctly, according to current regulations.

• Management audits or special reviews, are an X-ray of specific areas of the administrative, accounting and/or financial departments. Specific reviews can be done at the client’s request according to their needs, including treasury, customers, suppliers, physical inventories, warehouses, etc. They serve as a basis to optimise departments.

• Internal audits, both control or continuous monitoring Place under review, check compliance and obtain evidence on the effectiveness of the internal control systems established by Company. In this way, the risk of significant errors and irregularities is minimised. This service is a very useful tool for the continuous improvement of companies.

• Audits as a legal requirement There are certain circumstances or commercial transactions that require the preparation of an audit report (valuation of shares, mergers, extensions and reductions of capital, splits or issuance of convertible bonds).

Due dilligence
In the purchase or sale of businesses, the purchaser must know in depth what he is going to acquire. Due diligence activities are specific audits of financial statements aimed at obtaining accurate information in order to make decisions about the purchase or sale of companies.