Accountancy Expert

Why do I need an Accountancy Expert?
An Accountancy Expert helps to guarantee financial information throughout the life cycle of the company.

It is one of the main things that a company needs, whether it is new or a consolidated company in its sector. So depending on the situation or phase where your company finds itself, we can help you and offer you the following resources:

In the creation phase of the company:
o Advice about compliance with legal requirements.
o Design and implementation of the accounting system.
Advanced services for SMEs:
o Advice about access to new forms of financing (seed capital, start-ups, private equity, compliance with solvency ratios.)
o Development of business models.
o Preparation of strategic plans.
- In the growth planning phase of the company:
o Financial planning.
o Advice and representation in share transfer operations, mergers, absorption of companies, valuation of assets or companies.
o Accounting analysis for the integration or consolidation of financial statements.
Advanced services for SMEs:
o Performance of "due diligence".
o Preparation of internationalisation plans.
o Design of complex financial models.
o Advice on digital technology adoption strategies.

In the maturing phase of the company:
o Regular fiscal and accountancy compliance.

Advanced services for SMEs:
o Advice on efficiency improvements. Design and monitoring of financing plans.
o Advice on E-commerce strategies.
o Support in internationalisation processes.

In crisis situations.
o Balance sheet adjustments
o Preparation of financial statements that serve as a basis for corporate restructuring.
o Advice in banking negotiation.
o Preparation of supporting reports for EREs and reorganization of Human Resources.

Advanced services for SMEs:
o Search for new financing options.
o Design restructuring plans.
o Advice on divestments and the preparation of sales records/accounts.

Throughout the company’s business life.
o Planning, management and oversight of the accounting, fiscal and financial organisation and of internal control systems.
o Analysis and planning of investments.
o Reports on the economic, financial and accounting situation of the company.
o Expertise.
o Work commissioned by the Public Administration, or tasks that may be required as a result of them.
o Analysis of interlinked operations.
o Establishment of salary bands and job valuations.
o Advice on public tenders.

Advanced services for SMEs:
o Preparation of Forensic reports.
o Support with risk management.
o Implementation of new financial models, IFRS, IAS 39 and reporting.
o Application of new regulations in corporate governance.
o Supporting documentation for tax deductions, bonuses and other types of work affecting taxation.