consultants in Valencia

consultants in Valencia

Are you looking advisor in Valencia?

Consultants in Valencia.  Our Advisor’s team in Valencia:

Advisor's team Antelo Consultans

Advisor’s team Antelo Consultans

  • Ana Fosati – Social graduate.

    Advisor's team in Valencia

    Advisor’s team in Valencia

  • Cristina Sañudo – Lawyer.
  • Alicia Sañudo – Agronomist Eng Economics and Accounting Accredited Expert, Expert on Taxation and Audit.
  • Miguel Tomás – Qualified in Business.
  • Javier Antelo – Qualified Commercial and Auditor.
  • Guillermo Antelo – Agronomist Eng Economics and a Masters in accounting and auditing.
  • Gonzalo Antelo – Degree in Business Management and Marketing.
  • Javier Antelo Mencheta – Lawyer.
  • Fina Balaguer – Administración y Contabilidad.
  • Maria José – Labor Administration.

Advisor fees in valencia

 What we offer in Antelo-Mencheta Consultants? Your Advisors in Valencia

  • Every business works through people, ours too. Antelo-Mencheta Advisers not have one at your disposal, you will have people at your disposal,professionals in each area that you devote the time and attention you deserve..
  • With Antelo Mencheta Consultants, you will optimize labor tax-deductions will reduce tax payments and avoid penalties..
  • You have updated the result of your company, costs, payroll data etc.
  • You can estimate your taxes for plan payment and decide on different options.
  • Comply with all tax, labor, commercial, accounting and registration obligations.
  • Resolution doubts and queries.

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ADDRES: Avenue Gran Vía Germanias, 20 – Nº 1


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