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Antelo - Mencheta Consultants is a Tax, employment and accounting consulting with over 30 years’ experience, created by businessmen for businessmen. Here you can find all the advice and support they may need a company focused on single teamwork, you can guarantee a personal, secure and confidential.

We are leader Consultants in Valencia with huge extensive experience in Small business and freelance beyond the simple administrative management models and taxes.

After years of Advisor experience in Valencia, we offer our national and international personal and professional service customers, so we have a team which is fully qualified to assist you in English and Spanish.


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"Management is doing things right, lead is also, doing the right thing."


Peter Drucker.

Why hiring us?

In Antelo-Mencheta Consultants in Valencia, we offer:

  • A consulting of the highest standard at a very competitive price.
  • Professionals with extensive experience at your service.
  • Transparency in our fees.


What we provide?

From Antelo-Mencheta Consultants in Valencia bring:

Our personal treatment, not seek customers, we look for enterprising persons. We know how difficult is to create and direct a business. Every day is a new challenge and you need someone you can trust and who you really Provide reliable and stable solutions. That's our team finally looking and offers: solve and give reliability.

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Management consulting in Valencia

Tax Consulting in Valencia

From Antelo-Mencheta Consultants, our personal advisers put at your disposal tax assistance for related topics to present and payment of taxes, international taxation, administrative sanctions, business creation, monthly closings, among others.

Do you pay a lot of taxes to the Tax Agency? There are only 3 reasons:

  1. Has big earnings.
  2. Public finances make pay many taxes.
  3. Your tax adviser has not helped or has not optimized the business.

In any of the 3 cases, we can help, especially in the third.

Antelo-Mencheta Consultants in Valencia offer a new model to manage everything more easily and clearly. Always with you in all the decisions we make.

We can help you in tax preparation in Valencia.

tax preparation in Valencia
Tax forms in Valencia


Labor consulting in Valencia

Employment management is one of the most complex and specialized consulting specialties. Agreements, layoffs, severance payments, withholding, social security will no longer be a headache.

If you have any unexpected as in the following cases, we can find solutions in:

  • Wages (delay or non-payment)
  • Maternity Protection.
  • Accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Surcharge performance.
  • Layoffs, penalties and termination of contract.
  • Modification of working conditions.
  • Temporary disability.
  • Pensions (retirement, widowhood, orphan hood, permanent disability, handicap, disability)

If you are thinking in opening a new company in Valencia, or a freelance in Valencia, in Antelo-Mencheta Consultants we can help. We can help you to be a freelancer in Valencia. You can start business in Valencia.

For Antelo-Mencheta Consultants, Freelance are the future. We are a company that we trust freelance in Valencia, so we want to be part of them and we are to help.

We can be your consulting firms in Valencia.

Management consulting in Valencia
Business consultant in Valencia


Accounting and auditing in Valencia

Knowing what you have, where it is, why you have it and since when has it ..... what do not we have? You can also learn why a good accounting and periodic audits. Moreover, we can help you get it with our help. Solutions:

  • Deposit of annual accounts in commercial register.
  • Record books sales and revenue.
  • Expenses and investment goods.
  • Development of accounting.
  • Official Books.
  • individual entrepreneurs and professionals.


Consultancy in Valencia

LOPD (Data Protection Act), grants, reports, valuations of companies, ...., to service the company is our job and we do it happily, you just have to ask.

  • Financial Accounting in Valencia
  • Special-Advisory Reports Accounting
  • We can help you in tax fillin in Valencia


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Small business administration in Valencia


Commercial law in Valencia

In particular, we specialize in corporate law or companies: creating a working society, buying and selling stocks, fights between partners, commercial contracts and what we dislike but sometimes it is better to start over, bankruptcy, liquidations and dissolutions business.



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